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March 27, 2012

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Open Daily 12 pm till 10 pm

 Pla-Mor Adventure Golf Construction pictures 2006
 Cystic Fibrosis Benefit Golf Tournament
  • Friday August 22, 2014
    Middle School - 7:00 pm
    High School - 9:00 pm

 Tuesday and Thursday night "Skins Night"
  • This is not a league, just show up and play.
    If you play 8 times on Tues. or 8 times on Thurs. this summer,
    you are invited to play in the last tournament of the year where Pla-Mor
    Adventure Golf will add an additional $100 to the skins the last night!
    Meet in the lounge at Pla-Mor Lanes each week at 8:45 pm to draw for partners

We currently have 16 different flavors of hard dip ice cream.

Birthday Cake - Butter Pecan - Sugar Free Butter Pecan
Mint Chocolate Chip - Rocky Road - Cookie Dough
 Strawberry Cheesecake - Super Kid - Turtle Treasures
 Orange Sherbert - Chocolate - Strawberry - Vanilla
Salty Caramel - Chocolate Peanut Butter - Moose Tracks

SMITH'S - The Dairy in the Country

The History of Miniature Golf

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